Dufour 412 Grand Large

The Dufour 412 Grand Large is a development of the previous Dufour 410 model, with improvements that have come about as the result of owner feedback. Some of the changes are at the back of the boat, where there’s a re-designed stern area which includes provision for an optional barbecue and sink on deck. The Dufour 412 Grand Large  has a spacious cockpit, wide side decks and a full width bathing platform allow for comfortable living on deck. At the bow there’s also a standard sprit for the ground tackle and from which you can fly a code zero and other asymmetric spinnakers. They’ve moved the gooseneck down, which means that handling the mainsail is much easier because you don’t have to stretch miles up the rig to do so..

There’s lots of natural light below decks, with big overhead windows, an opening hatch for ventilation and two pairs of side windows. On the starboard side of the saloon they’ve changed the arrangement so you have a chart table, which folds away when it’s not needed to give a full-length settee. This would also work well as a full-length sea berth and gives more space for lounging in port.

Whilst sailing, the common features of the whole Dufour range are also found on the 412. Modern hull with chines, low height gooseneck, high aspect sails, self tacking jibs all make for simple sailing with great performance.

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