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The Dufour 460

The Dufour 460 Grand Large offers a perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

Defined by her sleek and beautiful lines the Dufour 460 certainly stands out from the crowd and is much admired on any dock.

Equally important was achieving the right balance between the practical aspects of sailing and how owners and their families imagine to live onboard.

It is this greater degree of comfort and luxury along with the clever use of space and innovative design that really sets the Dufour 460 aside from her competitors.

A wider hull shape, more than you would normally expect on a boat of this size, has been designed both for performance in a wide range of wind conditions and to offer the maximum space around the cockpit area, bathing platform and aft cabins.

First seen at the Cannes Boat Show in September 2015 the Dufour 460 is the successor of the exceptional Dufour 445 and 450 GL. Designed by the Italian designer Umberto Felci this yacht holds the same core values that can be found throughout the whole of the Grand Large Range.


As you would expect there are the now common twin helms that allow both unrestricted movement around the cockpit as well as providing excellent visibility forward whilst sailing.



Both helms have dedicated locations for a range of instruments and plotters for easy navigation and lifting foot rests which create a solid platform to brace your feet when sailing at an angle but then fold down when not in use to leave a smooth cockpit floor.

You will find plentiful seating around the back of the cockpit both for the helmsman as well as for your guests who may wish to simply relax.



The hull features Dufour’s now characteristic hull chines, these are there for both extra performance and as a way of controlling the amount of heel when sailing upwind.



The 3 large distinctive hull windows allow in plenty of natural light to the interior of the boat.

A near vertical bow and clean lines creates an impressive and striking profile.

An electric motor operates the full width bathing platform that lowers to provided easy access onto the boat and a large comfortable place to relax.

Deck …

The side decks are noticeably wider than you might expect on a boat of this size and with the shrouds mounted outboard this allows easy and unrestricted movement around the boat.



There are good hand holds around the coachroof and a deep wooden toe rail for extra support.

A deep and easily accessed deck locker forward offers plenty of storage for ropes, fenders and any extra sails.

Good height stanchions and guard rails around the boat offers excellent security and a double gate midships creates options for boarding through an opening gate.

Sailing ….



This is a yacht perfect for distance cruising or simply for anyone that simply enjoys a yacht that handles and performs well. Whatever your requirements the Dufour 460 is easy to handle and designed to sail shorthanded if you wish.

Controlling winches for the main and genoa sheets are positioned aft next to the helm positions for easy handling. There are 2 large coach roof winches at the companionway entrance for the halyards and reefing lines, electric options are available for all the winches.




A full width main sheet traveler provides direct control of the mainsail shape and the low positioning of the goose neck creating an inclined boom offers easy handling of the mainsail when stowing or reefing and alleviates the need to use mast steps to reach the head of the sail.

Options and Specifications …..



The available options for the Dufour 460 are divided into 3 defined packages

The Comfort Version defines the standard boat then you can add on the Liberty Version and the Adventure Version.

If you are looking for additional performance the Grand Prix pack allows for high spec sails, 108% overlapping headsail, additional winches, Asymetric Gear and an adjustable backstay.

Then you can choose from a wide range of extra’s to create the boat exactly how you want it.

For Another review: http://www.universalyachting.com/dufour-460-review/

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