What to bring when we do a Bike and Sail Weekends

Despite being a little chilly (what can you expect for Holidays !!) our first Bike and Sail activity break was a huge success.

For the Ride…..

  • A bike !! If following the off road routes then a mountain bike is a must. We would advise having your bike serviced but do check that the brakes, tyres, gears etc are all in good working order.
  • Cycle helmet – For your own safety this is a must !! No Lid = No Ride
  • Clothing suitable for the weather and time of year. Bright outer layers will allow you to be seen and remember you will experience a range of conditions throughout the day. Other recommended items…Padded shorts, cycle gloves, sun glasses, water proof jacket.

     Mountain Bike and Sailing Weekends

  • Back pack or pannier to carry essentials
  • Water bottle / Hydration pack
  • Fluids and energy snacks
  • Food
  • Tools
  • Puncture repair kit
  • 2 x Spare inner tubes
  • Pump
  • First aid kit
  • Maps / GPS
  • Sun Cream
  • Money
  • Mobile phone

For the Sailing…..

  • Clothing suitable for weather conditionsSailing Holidays.
  • Non marking soft soled shoes – sailing boots if you have them
  • Wet weather gear – bring your own or available to hire
  • Hat
  • Sailing Gloves for handling ropes – not essential


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