Mile Building Weekends – Universal Yachting

Our activity sailing weekends are a great way to build up your sailing experience. Setting off early Saturday morning, sailing east around the Isle.

enjoy a fantastic Mild Building weekends on the water.We organize a number of Mile Building days & weekends throughout the year for individuals, come down on your own or with friends and enjoy a fantastic weekend on the water.

No matter what your level of experience we offer a range of additional sailing courses to complement the more structured RYA Sailing Courses that we provide through our Sailing School.

Our Try Yachting and Mile Building Weekends are great ways to get out on the water either on your own or with a friend and like all our sailing courses you can book your own cabin if you prefer.

If you are planning an overseas sailing holiday, then our Flotilla Training Course will teach you all you need to know and help your whole family prepare.
Or if you already your own boat and just want a little expert guidance with one of our instructors then we can run a bespoke course on your own boat.


Gain experience and build up your sea milesOur Individual Weekend Packages Include:

• Yacht & Skipper
• Full safety equipment
• Food & Drink whilst sailing (Saturday evening meal excl)
• Berthing
• Fuel
So whether you are looking to build miles to gain experience or simply enjoy some time on the water we have a great range of experiences on offer.
Click here for more information of Universal Yachting.

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Dufour 460 Review | Universal Yachting


The Dufour 460

The Dufour 460 Grand Large offers a perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

Defined by her sleek and beautiful lines the Dufour 460 certainly stands out from the crowd and is much admired on any dock.

Equally important was achieving the right balance between the practical aspects of sailing and how owners and their families imagine to live onboard.

It is this greater degree of comfort and luxury along with the clever use of space and innovative design that really sets the Dufour 460 aside from her competitors.

A wider hull shape, more than you would normally expect on a boat of this size, has been designed both for performance in a wide range of wind conditions and to offer the maximum space around the cockpit area, bathing platform and aft cabins.

First seen at the Cannes Boat Show in September 2015 the Dufour 460 is the successor of the exceptional Dufour 445 and 450 GL. Designed by the Italian designer Umberto Felci this yacht holds the same core values that can be found throughout the whole of the Grand Large Range.


As you would expect there are the now common twin helms that allow both unrestricted movement around the cockpit as well as providing excellent visibility forward whilst sailing.



Both helms have dedicated locations for a range of instruments and plotters for easy navigation and lifting foot rests which create a solid platform to brace your feet when sailing at an angle but then fold down when not in use to leave a smooth cockpit floor.

You will find plentiful seating around the back of the cockpit both for the helmsman as well as for your guests who may wish to simply relax.



The hull features Dufour’s now characteristic hull chines, these are there for both extra performance and as a way of controlling the amount of heel when sailing upwind.



The 3 large distinctive hull windows allow in plenty of natural light to the interior of the boat.

A near vertical bow and clean lines creates an impressive and striking profile.

An electric motor operates the full width bathing platform that lowers to provided easy access onto the boat and a large comfortable place to relax.

Deck …

The side decks are noticeably wider than you might expect on a boat of this size and with the shrouds mounted outboard this allows easy and unrestricted movement around the boat.



There are good hand holds around the coachroof and a deep wooden toe rail for extra support.

A deep and easily accessed deck locker forward offers plenty of storage for ropes, fenders and any extra sails.

Good height stanchions and guard rails around the boat offers excellent security and a double gate midships creates options for boarding through an opening gate.

Sailing ….



This is a yacht perfect for distance cruising or simply for anyone that simply enjoys a yacht that handles and performs well. Whatever your requirements the Dufour 460 is easy to handle and designed to sail shorthanded if you wish.

Controlling winches for the main and genoa sheets are positioned aft next to the helm positions for easy handling. There are 2 large coach roof winches at the companionway entrance for the halyards and reefing lines, electric options are available for all the winches.




A full width main sheet traveler provides direct control of the mainsail shape and the low positioning of the goose neck creating an inclined boom offers easy handling of the mainsail when stowing or reefing and alleviates the need to use mast steps to reach the head of the sail.

Options and Specifications …..



The available options for the Dufour 460 are divided into 3 defined packages

The Comfort Version defines the standard boat then you can add on the Liberty Version and the Adventure Version.

If you are looking for additional performance the Grand Prix pack allows for high spec sails, 108% overlapping headsail, additional winches, Asymetric Gear and an adjustable backstay.

Then you can choose from a wide range of extra’s to create the boat exactly how you want it.

For Another review:

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Dufour 412 Grand Large

The Dufour 412 Grand Large is a development of the previous Dufour 410 model, with improvements that have come about as the result of owner feedback. Some of the changes are at the back of the boat, where there’s a re-designed stern area which includes provision for an optional barbecue and sink on deck. The Dufour 412 Grand Large  has a spacious cockpit, wide side decks and a full width bathing platform allow for comfortable living on deck. At the bow there’s also a standard sprit for the ground tackle and from which you can fly a code zero and other asymmetric spinnakers. They’ve moved the gooseneck down, which means that handling the mainsail is much easier because you don’t have to stretch miles up the rig to do so..

There’s lots of natural light below decks, with big overhead windows, an opening hatch for ventilation and two pairs of side windows. On the starboard side of the saloon they’ve changed the arrangement so you have a chart table, which folds away when it’s not needed to give a full-length settee. This would also work well as a full-length sea berth and gives more space for lounging in port.

Whilst sailing, the common features of the whole Dufour range are also found on the 412. Modern hull with chines, low height gooseneck, high aspect sails, self tacking jibs all make for simple sailing with great performance.

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Dusseldorf Boat Show 2017


Dufour 56

Once again Dufour Yachts will be exhibiting at the 2017 Dusseldorf Boat Show with their whole range on show, 310, 350, 382, 412, 460, 512 and the new Dufour 56 Exclusive.

We are also excited to announce the world premier of the new Dufour 63 Exclusive.


Dufour 63 Exclusive

Hosted every January at the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre, Boot Düsseldorf is one of the largest boat shows in Europe.

Universal Yachting, UK Agents for Dufour Yachts will be on hand throughout the show to discuss all your sailing requirements. But please call us to book an appointment.

Enjoy watersports in a new dimension! In 17 halls and 13 perfectly develope themed worlds you can experience the full range of maritime life. Now, dive in even deeper: Scan the QR code on the left under the PLAY NOW icon and the respective watersports image becomes a film experience!
PLAY NOW is something you will see more and more often. Take a trip into the digital age with the boot Düsseldorf trade fair.

Opening times:

21st – 29th January 2017
Daily from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Messe Düsseldorf exhibition ground Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61, D-40474 Duesseldorf, Germany.

For More Information:

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Mountain Bike and Sailing Holiday – Activity Breaks Weekends

At Universal Yachting, we provide a fun activity break weekends for everyone no matter what level of experience

Enjoy an active sporting weekend involving two great activities… We provide the yacht and a skipper so all you need to know is how to ride a bike!!

Open to anyone of mixed experience and fitness levels, sailors and non-sailors alike. This is a great weekend whether you want to come down on your own or put together your own group.

We have a variety of routes on the Isle of Wight to suit your prefere
nce of on road or off road cycling. We supply route guides and our support team are on hand to assist throughout the day. Oh and don’t worry if you have never sailed before our experienced skipper will oversee the on water aspects.




Bike to Yamouth

  • Meet in Hamble around 1600 hrs Friday
  • Drop off bikes and meet skipper for introduction and briefings
  • Sail to Cowes
  • Eat ashore
  • Accommodation onboard






Breakfast on Board

  • Breakfast on board
  • Meet up with shore team to collect bikes
  • Days biking around the Isle of Wight finishing in Yarmouth
  • Organised routes to suit experience levels
  • Route guides and GPS tracks
  • Lunch
  • Roadside support in case of problems
  • Meet at Yarmouth Marina to clean up
  • Bikes transported back to Hamble
  • Eat ashore
  • Accommodation on board




Sailing Holiday

  • Experience a days sailing around the Solent
  • Lunch on board
  • Play an active part or simply sit back and relax
  • Skipper on hand to teach you the ropes
  • Finish in Hamble around 1600 hrs





Accommodation and What We Provide….

Accommodation is provided on board the yacht along with enough food for your breakfasts and lunches. Evenings are spent ashore in Cowes & Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight sampling one or two of the many pubs and restaurants.

  • Fully equipped yacht
  • Professional skipper
  • Safety equipment (i.e lifejackets)
  • Food & soft drinks for breakfasts and lunches
  • Pillows and pillow cases

For More Details you can Click here.

If you are interested or have any Question, Contact Us!

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Yacht Maintenance & Repairs

With our own team of trained and experienced technicians we are able to offer a fully mobile yacht maintenance & repairs service.

Lets us look after your vessel this winter. We also antifoul and polish hulls !!


Unfortunately boating is never trouble free but we can take the hassle out of any work required by:

  • Bringing in the right people for the job
  • Getting work carried out quickly
  • Getting the best value for your money

We also carry out equipment upgrades and fit out yachts with generators, air conditioning and water makers.

Given that we are not tied in to any one manufacturer we can provide independent advice on what equipment is best suited to your needs and installation.

We offer a range of services including


  • Antifouling & Hull Polishing
  • Winch Servicing
  • Gel Coat & GRP Repairs
  • Engines and Electrics
  • Mast & Rigging
  • Electronics
  • Deck Equipment & Hardware
  • Sail & Cover Repairs
  • French Polishing
  • Wood and Teak Repairs
  • Antifouling
  • Teak renovation
  • Valeting

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Learn to Sail in 2 Days – RYA Start Yachting Course with Universal Yachting & YBW

Whether you are completely new to sailing, want a refresher or would like to do the Competent Crew or the Day Skipper courses, the RYA Start Yachting course is the first step towards starting your sailing adventure.

The course takes place over a weekend and teaches the basics of sailing. From learning the names of the various boat parts, rope work, learning the points of sail, steering a boat under sail or power, meteorology, rules of the road and man overboard recovery, to clothing and emergency equipment and precautions, all the basics are covered.

Pack the right gear

I set off to Mercury Marina in Hamble on a Friday afternoon, armed with my Gill compact sailing bag, packed full with all the gear I’d be needing on the boat. It’s important to have the right kit and be prepared for all kinds of weather.
I take with me my faithful Musto Br1 Channel Jacket which is always brilliant at protecting from water and strong winds, a Musto Extreme Thermal Fleece for warmth and Musto Women’s Evolution Performance UV trousers, which keep you dry and are also very comfortable to wear on a boat. I’m always a little nervous about falling overboard so I wear footwear with excellent grip, and two pairs go in the bag: Gill Competition Sailing Boots and Sperry Slip On Sneakers. Protection from the sun is hugely important too, so SPF30 sun screen, a hat and Gill Sienna Sunglasses are essential given that the weather forecast predicts a hot weekend on the Solent. Last but definitely not least, I take a sleeping bag to keep me warm for next two nights.

RYA Sailing Course Solent


I immediately inspect the cabin, which I’ll be sharing with one of my sailing companions. It’s cosy, but I’m not here to sleep and it’ll do very well for the weekend.

The Oceanis 37 cabin and the Gill bag packed with all the sailing essentials

The rest of the group arrives. It’s five of us including Clive, our skipper.

We are all here for different reasons. Martin would like to learn the basics of yachting to potentially go on to do the RYA Competent Crew course and enjoy holidays afloat with his family.
Jane, who has some previous sailing experience, is here for a refresher ahead of taking part in one leg of the ARC race on a friend’s yacht this November.
Steve already holds the RYA Day Skipper certificate, but he too wants a refresher before going on a flotilla holiday with his wife, daughter and friends. And then there’s me: a lover of boats who, following a couple of minor sailing accidents as a teenager, has become a little scared of water.

Clive, our skipper, is warm and welcoming and immediately makes everybody feel at home. He briefs us on the do and don’ts of being on a yacht before we set off for dinner to get to know each other.

Let the sailing begin!

The weather is warm and sunny and on Saturday morning we gather for breakfast before our in-depth briefing. We are taught the safety rules first: how to use fire extinguishers and wear life jackets, what to do in case of an emergency and how to use a VHF marine radio.

It’s then time to get acquainted with the rigging and sails.
It’s a lot to take in, but Clive’s motto is to learn by doing and soon we all know what he means when he talks about a jib, reefs and mainsail.

Mooring lines slipped, it’s time to leave the marina and let the fun (and hard work!) commence.

Hoisting the mainsail and jib is no mean feat, but with a bit of teamwork, up they go, and away we sail.

Today is all about learning the points of sail, gybing, taking the helm mastering some basic rope work, mooring the boat to a pontoon, anchoring and using winches.

Being on a boat is all about working together. Everybody has a job and it’s important not to be in each other’s way.

Clive is incredibly patient and happily explains things over and over until we get them.

As we sail towards Gosport Marina, we see Sir Ben Ainslie and his team practising on the Land Rover BAR. We all get very excited, especially Jane and I, who snap away at the catamaran until we get a good picture.

I’m behind the helm, heading towards Gosport. It’s a great feeling, but keeping the boat on course is not as easy as it looks. But we do get to our destination and it’s now time to secure Splash to our berth, freshen up and go for a well-earned drink and spot of dinner.
It’s only the end of our first day of sailing but I’m already feeling more confident, and I’m jumping on and off the moored boat without fear of falling into the water.

img_0164-400x400-150x150When you are sailing with a group you work, sleep and eat in very close proximity so it’s no surprise that by Saturday night it feels like the five of us have known each other for a long time, and not just 24 hours. As we enjoy dinner at Gosport Marina, our skipper Clive regales us with tales of his time in the Navy and the fascinating, if a little terrifying, story of when he took part in the 1979 Fastnet race.

The feeling of achievement and camaraderie bring a wonderful day of sailing to an end. With one more day to go, it’s time to get a good night’s sleep, ready to tackle tomorrow.


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